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Graphic Design

As a business owner, you may have hundreds of concerns to address during your day-to-day workplace activities, so you might be tempted to ignore the need for expertly crafted graphic designs. However, utilizing professional graphic designs can be an integral step in the process of establishing and maintaining a successful business. The six points listed below emphasize how important graphic design is to your business.

They say that first impressions last. The first impression most people have of your business is your company logo. We design logos that speak to your audience and communicate your brand.
What we offer in Graphic Design?
Amafuze 4 Consulting & Projects

Designed: 24-06-15

Bloren Designs

Designed: 06-20-16

Bonsai Capital

Designed: 02-20-15

Business Cards Design

Designed: 2014, 2015 & 2016

Business & Entertainment Flyers

Designed: 2015 & 2016

DVDs or CD Design

Designed: 01-05-15

Elmaze Projects Logo Design

Designed: 02-03-2016

Vehicle Full Wrapping

Branded: 05-06-15

JOCHEBED Logo Design

Designed: 06-06-16

5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Make Graphic Design a Priority
  • First impressions matter
    You know what they say: you only have one chance to make a first impression. Whether it’s a website or the logo in an email signature, potential customers will judge a business in just a few seconds based on visual appeal alone. High-quality graphic design gives businesses credibility—and that’s priceless. No matter how great a product or service, with poor design, it’s unlikely anyone will stick around the company’s website or keep its email long enough to find out.
  • Design can tell a story
    Similarly, it’s important that people get a feel for what a business does even if they’ve never heard of it before. Thoughtful design evokes the right image in customers’ minds. The concept for a daycare center would be entirely different than that of a law firm. That’s a dramatic contrast, but it holds true in more nuanced ways as well. Consider, for example, Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, a small company with a short history rooted in Seattle. Beecher’s finely detailed logo and packaging labels echo the artisanal nature of the company, the historic imagery alludes to tradition, and its black and white color scheme suggests a classic quality.
  • Branding makes a company memorable
    Solid graphic design provides branding consistency across every visual, customer-facing aspect of a business. A professional graphic artist will use precise colors, typeface, imagery, and mood for everything he or she touches. This way, customers have the same experience visiting a company’s website as they do reading its brochure. Think of it as a kind of alliteration—it helps the business become recognizable and memorable. Plus, consistency symbolizes professionalism, and professionalism symbolizes trustworthiness. It’s win, win…win.
  • Creativity can be a differentiator
    If there’s one thing all small businesses have in common, it’s that they all face competition. And to set themselves apart, they generally have a handful of differentiators, whether those include pricing, quality, customer service, or something else entirely. But consider that creativity can help a small business stand out, too. A company’s visual communication plan serves many purposes, and making the business unique should be one of them.
  • Good design converts
    A slick website is nice to have. A slick website that converts is even nicer. Design isn’t just about making things look pretty; effective design should entice and persuade. A smartly designed website can direct visitors to take action, like clicking a “buy” button for instance. A well-crafted pamphlet compels readers to keep turning pages. Professional graphic design has the potential to deliver measurable results for a small business.

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